dunst (libnotify)

April 23, 2013

But notify-osd/notification-daemon!

They're dead. notify-osd has had no releases in over a year and notification-daemon is worse by 4. With the advent of Gnome 3, both have fallen by the wayside since the Gnome shell now handles notifications.


dunst is a simple libnotify implementation that still works. I found it while looking for a way to get irssi to notify me when I was highlighted.


It was a bit tricky to get it to work as I wanted the notifications on my local machine and irssi was running on a server. My initial implementation involved ssh ControlMaster (by the way ControlPersist is awesome) and cat on a fifo in a loop. This worked fine until I was disconnected as it left blocking cat processes hanging on the server. I upped the complexity ever so slightly and ended up with highlight_notify.